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Porta em aço Prisões

Prison cell door, constructed in accordance with the directives for the construction of police custody in North Rhine Westphalia. Double skinned door leaf. Door leaf is galvanized and prime coated in RAL 9002 (grey-white), 64 mm thick, rebated on four sides. Galvanized corner frame, 3.0 mm thick, with three-sided seal and lower door rebate angle 50 x 30 x 5 mm, with earthing screw. Prepared for an on-site special lock which can only be locked on one side, with stainless steel door protector with perforation for special lock. Door spyhole with hinged covering plate, covers horizontal sliding bolt made of flat steel with operating handle, security chain with lock plate that allows the door to be opened by approx. 30 cm. 2 security bolts. 3 three-part hinges with ball bearing: Ordering size dimensions up to 1500 mm x 2500 mm

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